Dear schoolmates,


  As I am graduating, I’d like to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. During the past three years in high school, I have really achieved a lot. Through the study of Chinese, I have a better understanding of the Chinese culture; through the study of Mathematics, I equip myself with a more flexible mind; through the study of English, I grasp a new language. I pretty appreciate what teachers have done for me!


  However, I also have some regrets. I’m so occupied in my study that I spend little time participating in various activities. But I will make up for it in my college life.


  In September this year, I will step into my ideal university. There must be different challenges waiting for me. To tell you the truth, I will have difficulty in adapting to an adult life. Anyway, I will try my best to make it.


  Last but not least, I’d like to give you some suggestions. Firstly, always feel optimistic about your lives and you will be successful. Secondly, make a target and you can study with more concentration. I believe all of you can live your dreams in the end!



  Distinguished leaders, parents and dear students,

  Good morning! I am so excited to stand here, as a representative of the whole G12 students’ parents to make a brief speech to show our greatest honor and respect to the school leaders and teachers who work for our sons and daughters in the past three years. Thank you for your hard work.

  Frankly, we were hesitant about our choice at first, but today we beam with happiness. Now all of our children have received the admission letters and scholarship from Canada, the USA, the Switzerland and many other countries. Thank you for your great education!

  At the same time, as their parents, we hope every future university student will work even harder and become the backbone of our nation after graduation from university. Last, I wish SCCSC a brighter future and with students all over the world! Thank you all!



  回顾三年的历程,我们每一位家长都经历了当初选择时的犹豫 和今天收获时的喜悦。在各位领导和老师的辛勤培养下,中加学校的孩子们都顺利地收到了加拿大等国外大学的录取通知书,并且许多同学还得到了国外大学的入学奖学金,这使我们每一位家长都感到自豪与欣慰。今天的喜悦是各级领导重视关心及学校各位老师辛勤劳动和培养教育的结果!谢谢你们!



  Hello, everyone. It is a great honor for me to be here to express my feelings.

  My friends, it is time for us to say goodbye. However, I will never forget the golden days of junior high school. They are forever locked in my memories! In the past three years, I am grateful that I could study with you.

  First of all, I’d like to thank all my teachers. It’s you that let me konw how to be a good person. From you, I know that as a good student, we should not only study hard, but also mean well and help each other. Then, I’d like show my appreciation to all my friends. I am grateful that I could study with you. Being together with you, I can totally be myself. I do not need to hide anything from you. When I am sad, you are always on my side to cheer me up.

  We will soon become senior high school students. We must go forward, to a different world, we are no longer the children, who only want to play fun with each other. We grow up from now on! It is a long journey, but let us begin!





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