Nowadays, with the development of education, increasing the number of University students. They would become the backbone of society, so that their employment will affect the future of themselves, their families and society. Then, the employment situation of college students about what?

  In fact, college students “job challenge” has become a hot topic. Due to the effects of the economic crisis, in 2009, the graduate employment rate of 86%, in 2010, it rose to 89.6%, 2011 90.8%, 2012 is 91.5%, but in 2013, it dropped again to 86%. In recent years, the volatility of college student employment rate, but the overall trend is still rising slowly. According to the Chinese Academy of social sciences, statistics, end-2013 there will be 100,000 students are unemployable, 5.92 million employment challenges that students face. Therefore, students ‘ employment situation is still very serious.

  What, then, caused the employment problems of college students? I think there are three main reasons: first of all, in terms of students, many college students personal knowledge or practice of incompetence, lack of job skills, is the lack of psychological preparation for interview. And some of the college students ‘ employment concept is not correct, expectations were too high. Most important is that they lack social experience.

  Secondly, in the schools, some university courses set unreasonable, unable to adapt to society’s demand for talents and graduates ‘ employment guidance and services will also need to improve.

  Furthermore, social aspects, social employment information system is not perfect, some examination of the enterprise or institution exists injustice, discrimination in employment, such as gender discrimination, account of discrimination still exists.

  Facing unemployment problem, as college students, we should have its own future career planning. For me, I’m calm, patience and hard work. I like reading and writing, and I’m majoring in Chinese language and literature, so I have a wealth of expertise. I am a school newspaper, a journalist, so I had interviews, and editing experience. I hope that the future will be an edit. In this dream, I will study the first two years at the University, how to interview and writing and contribution. After two years at the University, I would get in practice, accumulate work experience, multiple predecessors for advice.

  I believe that if I’m hard-working enough, I can achieve my dream in the fierce competition for jobs.


  当今社会 ,随着教育的发展,大学生的数量不断增加。他们会成为社会的中坚力量,因此他们的就业会影响他们自己、家庭和社会的将来。那么,大学生的就业现状到底是怎样的呢?








  The difficulties young Chinese university graduates have had in finding a job over the past few months have been making the headlines in the media and causing concern throughout society. Education professionals in China have all had something to say about it. A good number of them, referring to the current phase of social transition in China, have come out in favour of the mass education programme that has been practised in recent years in Chinese universities. Others have raised doubts about the reliability of the figure of only 70% as the rate of employment for new graduates, which they consider to be alarmist. In fact, according to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Education itself, out of the 2.12 million graduates in the general higher education sector in 2003, 640,000 had not signed a work contract by the end of their studies In these circumstances, it is understandable that in the current labour market in Shanghai, for example, new university graduates are settling for a monthly salary of 1,200 yuan, slightly more than double Shanghai’s minimum wage, at the same time as they are having to face significant overheads (superannuation, unemployment insurance, health insurance, etc.). If we take into account the cost of living in Shanghai (including accommodation, transport and telecommunications), it would appear that the salary of these graduates is barely enough to cover their basic needs . The purpose of this article is to better understand the current unemployment of young graduates, beyond any proposals being put forward in the context of higher education reform.




  Nowadays, the employment of college students is becoming more and more of a problem. According to statistics, about 30% of graduate students can’t find a job after graduation. These college student who cannot find jobs are at their worst. Why college graduates have difficulty finding jobs? Why is it a big problem that puzzled people for years?

  The reason for it is various. The main reason has the following points: Firstly, the number of the college student is increasing faster and faster these years. In addition, many colleges and universities fail to adapt their courses to the development of economy.

  Secondly, It’s easy for some students to find work. But the fact is that some students don’t want to do the job, they except to find a work with a higher salary. In addition, some graduates did not work hard in college, so they are not competent for jobs they want.

  Last but not least, some college students cannot come to terms with themselves and with the world around them. They pursue too high goals and are too particular about such factors as working conditions, salary, and so on. Therefore, they are reluctant to accept the job when they are offered to them.

  How can we deal with the problem? In my opinion, students who are in colleges must work harder than before to keep their competitiveness. Only in this way can we find a suitable job. The government should take effective measures to expand employment. I do believe that this problem will be resolved soon.













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